Wow the past 3 months has just flown by! I have to admit, I wanted to write many more posts about these cuties but I was a little bit overwhelmed with so many other aspects of life. So for that, I am very sorry!!

So I thought now I could do a little recap and journey back a bit to our 2nd litter of norwegian forest cats – The Book Litter.

newborn kittens norwegian forest cats

As you may remember, these little cuties were born on March 25th 2021 first thing in the morning as I was on my way out the door to drop my son off at daycare! Bagheera (mostly black spotted male) was born first right onto my daughter’s lap tongue-out Scarlett O’Hara was born 2nd (a little tortishelle girl) then Huckleberry Finn (black silver bi color male) and finally the litter tiger Jane Eyre was born last! (brown spotted female).

gabe holding all the b litter kittens

Here is a picture of my son Gabe holding all the kittens at once a month later! How fast they grow! Life with 4 kittens and 3 older cats can get pretty hectic! By 4 weeks old they did not want to stay in the playpen anymore at all and were off exploring as much as they could.

Scarlett was the first to take the lead – both in adventure time and when it came to trying ”real” food. As her personality started to show – so did the others!

mama sia with babies

Bagheera was a cuddle bear from early on and very much favored by the children at home. Huckleberry was always the biggest, fattest and calmest? If a kitten can be calm? He just had an easy energy about him. Confident perhaps is the best word! And then there is little Jane…

jane with ice cats

Little Jane Eyre may have been smallest but she was also bold! Bold, beautiful and full of energy. She also was very cuddly but you’d have to catch her first hehe.

All veterinary appointments went well and they all passed their inspection with flying colors. By June 17th they were fully vaccinated, chipped, registered with SVERAK and ready to go to their new homes. It was a truly bittersweet moment.

kittens sitting on stairs

All the kittens were already booked by 5 weeks of age so it had been arranged for quite awhile who was going where.

Beautiful Scarlett O’Hara would be joining her father’s cattery in the Gothenburg area! She will carry on her fabulous dad’s bloodline and some day have little kitties of her own <3 Her new name is Freja!

Huckleberry moved to a neighboring town, which is very nice! He will be close by keeping a young man company. His name is now Findus!

all kitties together

Bagheera has moved up to the Stockholm area where he joins his brother from another litter SE*Silver Ridge Solarflare! Mister Solarflare is now named Stig-Arne and lives a wonderful life by the water. So happy Bagheera gets to join him there! A new name is not decided upon quite yet!

And last but not least Jane Eyre has moved to Karlskoga to a lovely family home where she will be doted upon by children and adults alike. Her new name is now Doris!

sia with her babies

Having a litter of kittens is always such a special time. Even though they don’t spend their whole lives with us and go on to become intricate parts of other families – we remember and love each and every one of them.

We send love, hugs and cuddles to each of them in their new homes and wish them all the best! Now the house is quiet and calm and a little empty. <3

That’ll be it for kittens in 2021 – we have 2 litters planned for 2o22! We will keep you all updated!


Goodbye Book Litter! Love you all!