The babies have been born! At 8 am in the morning on March 25th the first baby Bagheera was born directly onto our 16 year old daughter’s lap yelllaughing Haha, I am sure the whole neighborhood heard as she screamed ”Paaapppaa!!”

Over the next 3 hours the remaining 3 siblings were born, giving us a total of 4 beautiful kittens. 2 girls and 2 boys!

Here is the first baby Bagheera. He is a male and looking very dark at the moment, we will see how he develops! Right now my guess is he is n 09 24. He was born first and the largest weighing in at 118 grams.

Next to be born was a beautiful little tortie girl named Scarlett O’Hara. She could wind up looking a bit like her mamma perhaps! I believe she is f 09 24.

Third to be born was a little boy named Huckleberry Finn! We suspect he will look a bit like his dad laughing I am thinking he is n 03 – hard to see any patterning at the moment. He is very black right now but I suspect he may lighten up.

And last but not least was Jane Eyre. When she was born I only saw her briefly and she was completely black! What a surprise to come back 30 minutes later and see what a tiger she is! We suspect she may even be an Amber which is very exciting. We really look forward to watching her grow and develop. If indeed an amber her code will be t 09 23.

sia with scarlett silver ridge nfo

Mamma Sia is doing great – an excellent mother just like last time. All the babies are growing and eating so we have our fingers crossed for 4 healthy playful kittens here until end of June!

If you are interested in their pedigree you can see it here: The Book Litter

If you are interested in adopting any of the kittens, feel free to get in touch via the Contact page! Otherwise you can follow their progress here or over on Instagram smile