india norwegian forest cat kitten silver ridge cattery

We are happy to welcome a new addition to our cattery! Please say hi to SE*Glömstaskogen’s Mona Lisa! At home we will be calling her India laughing

She is a sweet, cute and a bit sassy little thing! She has already warmed up to us and will follow us around, ask for cuddles and play like a beast! She is by far the best jumper in our household!

india norwegian forest cat kitten silver ridge cattery

So far things are a bit tepid between her and Ice. He has really been trying to win her affection but she still isn’t 100% sure wink

We will get there in the end! As Sia is about to have her 2nd litter, she is spending most of her time up in Dharma’s room where her nesting box is <3 She’s not much in the mood for company but they are aware of each other!

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Thanks again to Angelike at Glömstaskogens for letting us take care of this precious little girl laughing